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Web Presence Design Plan

Intellexi is developed to be a journal of public policy review.

The Web presence plan for this journal must inculcate several platforms as follows:

1. General Website HTML Format - This format will host the index/home page for the journal as it presents the most versatility for placement of information, design layout, and distinct visual advantage.  This format will host the main pages of the online journal as follows:

a. The "About" Page will provide overview of the journal, its origin, its contstruct, and its purpose.

b. The "Support" Page will provide opputunities for contributors to the mission, including online donation tool-sets.

c. The "Subscribe Page - This page will provide a brief overview of the Forum (a companion Web-log) and instructions (link) to the forum, however a subscription to newsletter  link will also be included in the main index section.

d. The "References" Page will provide links to online areas to search in order to qualify briefs and such.  Most of these links will be to other Websites on the internet.  

e. Glossary &  Index will be linked to various Wikki's where the mission has editing capacity.

f. Site Map - Self Explanatory

2. Blog Format - Via either Live Journal or MSN Live, the forum will list in standar blog format all the articles written (in generic format).  Choice of blog will depend upon linkability and "Digest" capacity.  In the event the format chosen does not have the latter there will be a hybrid forum site developed to enable the "Digest" function.  Schedules of upcoming events that may be reported, as well as third party contributor links will be posted on the forum's index menu bar.

3. Wikki Pages - See 1(e) above.

4. PDF Documents - an archive of print publications as well as scanned holographic evidence referenced for various reporting and qualification puposes.

'Doctrinae dynamicus lex domicili'

General Information
Indepth research reports
Public affairs
Historical research
News Analysis
Selected Anthology of News Articles
Commentaries and Analyses
Miscellaneous Articles
Comments and Feedbacks

Jurisdication Profiles
Types of Governments
History of Legal Cultures
     Legal Codes
     Unwritten Laws
     Public Charges
     Country Profiles
     Soveriegn Prerogatives
     Policy Architecture Institutions
Statutory Codes
Judical Administrative Laws
Treateas and Other Briefs
Current Proceedings
Finance and Banking
Public Policy
     World Governments
     Think Tanks
     Covered Events
     Intellectual Property
     Military Affairs
Business and Commerce
     Capital Markets
     Economic Development
          Industrial Development
Other Links
Art and Community
Freelance Commentators
Professional Experts

Build Strategy Plan

1. Intitial Steps - This development of the Web presence will incorporate utilization of various online web-building platforms that is freely accessible to the public via open source protocols.

a. The development of a Trellix based website with selected design customized from an available template.

b. First content upload - in effect pages, link words, and various communication protocols and toolkits.

c. Full documentation of sources via cross reference research.

d. Second content upload - hotlinking of references and other notable content.  Development of indeces and footer areas, as well as menu and site map.

e. The development of the forum site, introductory language, and test link processes.

f. Full testing of forum templates.

g. Final selection of forum and editing of Website to match.

h. The development of the wiki process.

i. Uplinking of the wiki.

j. Final editing of the pre-content Web presence, and cross testing of navigability.

k. Upload of first articles.

l. Development of intro-invite letters and initial brochures.

m. The development of initial project plans and prospectives.

n. Invitation to notable persons to contribute in the mission, complete with prospective pre-launch (beta) commissioning date.

o. Full overview of the Web presense.

p. Commencement of the journalizing protocol and pedagogy.

q. Commencement of public releases, marketing, and invitation for in-kind investments.

2. Beta Development Process - At this jucture we should be underway and able to commence a professional development process of the mission, during which to other steps are necessary to be undertaken as follows:

a. Development of business cards, print ads, cross-linking online (via networks and ads), and general marketing processes.

b. Development of uniform management and operations process.

c. Measured increase of subscriptions and readability.

3. Transfer to Full Professional Process - Upon engagement of the steps above, we should be poised to seek profession capital leverage to move from beta mode to full business engagement.

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INTELLEXAE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP.